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Employee Referral Program

At Celer Systems, we have found that employee referrals are an effective way for recruiting top-notch employees.


This policy aims to bring candidates with requisite qualification and skills to our organization. On successful placement of the candidate and satisfaction of all other conditions, the employee will receive a referral award as set forth in this policy.

All Celer Systems employees except those involved in the hiring process may refer candidates. All candidates referred should be legally eligible to work in the United States..

Any Celer Systems' eligible employees may at any time refer candidates known to them through their social/professional contacts. The resumes should be forwarded to the Hiring Coordinator. The referred candidate will go through our normal recruitment and selection process, currently practiced.

In the event a candidate has gone through the selection process and has not been hired by the Company, he/she cannot be referred again for a period of one year in order for the referring employee to be eligible for the referral award.

If a candidate is referred by more than one source, the benefit will be given to the first source through which the resume was obtained.

Referral Awards
The Company will pay an Employee who successfully refers a candidate to the Company a referral award in the amount of $1000, once the candidate has completed thirty (30) days of employment.

The referral awards are taxable as wages and all required withholdings and deductions will be made to the payment.

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